Take this simple test. Locate your wi-fi network on your smartphone and get on the Internet. If your mobile ads did not display first on your phone then you have just loss a potential sale. With our Intelligent Router your ads will display each time customer uses your wi-fi. So, sign-up now and push your coupons and discount offers directly to consumers while they use Free wi-fi. Join our Exclusive circle of Advertisers.
Currently, Wi-Fi usage accounts for 80 percent of all data consumed.  At least 92 percent of subscribers used Wi-Fi at least once a month
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1. Select your ad package

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Shoppers Using Your Wifi...What Do You Get?  Nothing!!
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Automotive and Recreation Vehicles
New and Used Vehicle dealers offer customer pay coupons for service & parts offers and sales contact information. Make buying information available after hours. Never miss an Up again.

Auto Accessory Stores publish your discount promotions.


Restaurants, Hotels & Motels, Bed & Breakfast and others deliver your specials, service concepts and coupons. Concierge, instantly distribute coupons for other local businesses.

Credit Unions
Banks and Financial Institutions, promote your latest offers, rates etc., COD could also promote services, new products, loans, promote businesses, etc.

Small and Large Retail
Small retailers have the ability to the level the playing field with their larger counterparts. Regardless of what your specialty is, more customers means more sales.
Shopping malls, commercial buildings, department stores, supermarkets, wholesale markets and chain stores. Undertake a Nationwide coordinated  product launch or or special discount offer with ease. Attract outside advertisers that want exposure to mall traffic.

Real Estate Property

New home Sales catalog and interior plans downloads. Promote individual listings and events for up-coming Open House inspections. Deliver buying information around the clock.

Transportation, Tourism and Ticketing 

Airports, stations, terminals and other hot-spots send the local tourism and accommodation information, and distribute mobile only coupons for airport vendors.

Service and Trades

Whether you are a plumber, builder, roofing contractor, electrician, tiler, pool repair, carpet layer, or a lawn care & landscaper promote your business here.